Tåya’ mås na huegon bideo malago’ yu kumuentusi put pues bai kuentusi hamyo put “Spam comments.”

Gi este na website yan despensa yu’ anggen magåhet este na comments siha yan hu kuentutusi siha kalang ti magåhet lao guaha un gi patikulamente na malago’ yu’ kumuentusi pot.

“I’ve come across that today, more and more people are now being attracted to camcorders and the subject of digital photography. However, like a photographer, you should first spend so much time period deciding the exact model of digicam to buy along with moving store to store just so you could buy the lowest priced camera of the brand you have decided to select. But it isn’t going to end right now there. You also have to contemplate whether you should obtain a digital digital camera extended warranty. Thanks alot : ) for the good guidelines I gathered from your blog site.”

Ok bai hu gof atan yan dissect este na comment.

Fine’nina, ha sångan na meggai na taotao malago’ un camcorder yan uno, håyi ha u’usa un camcorder ha’ ya dos sa’ håfa un fafatta este gi un post Aniyon Elden (Elden Ring?)

Segundo, ha sångan na un lastima meggai na tiempo uma’ayek un camcorder para un baråtu na prisu.

Tåya’ problem-hu yan este fuera di ti hu ke’ke fåhan un camcorder.

Pues ha sångan na på’go un nisista dumisidi anggen malago’ hao extended warranty.

Ti hu komprende este, lao tåya’ prublemå-hu ta’lo.

Pues ha sångan si yu’os ma’åse para i maolek na guidelines ginen i blog si yu’os maise.

Ok ti hu tungo’ mångge bai hu tutuhun.

Si yu’os maise para i maolek na guidelines hun. Håfa na guidelines?

Gi hinasso-ku este na tinige’ pot tai manu un kesu si Margot (un maga’birak gi Aniyon Elden).

Håfa na guidelines?

Hu sangåni hao taimanu siña un na’mås gago’ hao gi huego.

Segundo taimanu este “related” para un camcorder sa’ ti hu sangåni todu taimanu manusa hao camcorder?

Lao ti hu tungo’ yan unrelated este lao este na taotao ha comment “enjoy the new year” gi duranten Mayu

Malago’ yu’ kumuentos put este sa’ gof na’chalek para Guahu.

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